Nokian Tires

Nokian Tires for Your European Auto in Branford, CT

Whether you’re a new owner of your first European car or have been selecting sophisticated, high-end, quality European cars for decades, you know that when it comes to regularly maintaining or repairing your vehicle, it’s important that you choose a repair shop that not only specializes in European car repair, but also recommends, services, and provides only top-notch equipment, parts, and accessories for your vehicle.

Your car’s tires are no exception. In fact, a quick and easy way to perform your due diligence before you bring your car to a local European car repair shop is to ask if they are an authorized Nokian Tire Dealer. If the answer’s no – keep looking until you find a European car repair shop that is an authorized dealer of the Nokian brand.

Nokian Tires are the top-of-the-line, preferred, and most-recommended tires of choice for European cars.

Here’s why:

You Want to Drive Your European Car in the Winter: Nokian is the Industry Leader in Winter Tires

While the Nokian tire functions exceptionally well throughout all four seasons, it (safely) pulls ahead of the pack of tire manufacturers and firmly holds its ground as the best tire of choice when the ice-frozen, snow-covered streets are at their absolute worst.

Perhaps it’s because Nokian is headquartered in Finland that enables this leading tire manufacturer to design, develop, enhance, and (most importantly) test drive their impressive, high-quality tires at the only permanent winter tire testing center in the world. There is no other leading tire manufacturer in the world that has that benefit, privilege, or resource.

You Want Tires that Employ the Latest Technology: Nokian is the “Tread” Setter in the Industry

It’s no surprise other tire manufacturers look to Nokian for its latest designs and technologies; Nokian is ever committed to improving perfection. In addition to addressing the dangers of hydroplaning with cars traveling on wet roadways, Nokian invests a lot of its Research & Development time and resources into slushplaning. Considered an even more daunting experience for the driver and more precarious than hydroplaning, a vehicle can lose complete contact with the road even at slower speeds if the road is covered with slush.

To address slushplaning and other potentially-problematic scenarios on the road, Nokian’s tires have an innovative Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) and a Winter Safety Indicator (WSI). Imbedded right in the center of the tires, the DSI “percentage” figures indicate just how much of the tread remains in the main grooves of the Nokian winter tires. As your vehicle’s percentage numbers begin to fade, it indicates the tire is wearing down.

The WSI’s snowflake symbol on Nokian tires remains visible to the naked eye as long as there is at least 40% of tire groove depth still present. If the snowflake symbol is worn off, it’s time to visit your local Nokian-authorized European car repair shop and invest in new Nokian tires.

You Want Your Tires to Have a Dependable Tire Print without Leaving a Harmful Footprint:
Nokian Uses Ecologically-Responsible Materials

In place of the traditional high-aromatic, carcinogenic oils traditionally used for rubber compounds, Nokian has developed a rubber compound that employs the use of eco-friendly canola oil and cool silica instead. This new innovative concoction for a rubber compound is eco-friendly and helps with Nokian’s famed low rolling resistance feature. The compound is not only steadfastly flexible on both snow and ice, but also provides a “sticky” feel during the spring and summer rainstorms.

From its 1925-bicycle tires to today’s all-season, winter-centric tires, Nokian continues to produce nothing but the best tires in the industry for all vehicles — European and domestic!